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The history of the creation of Brutal Power 31 Lotion

The formulation of this product is specially designed to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation amongst men.
The company received numerous emails from the public requesting Bioasli to create a specially formulated herbal product base on virgin coconut oil
to overcome men's premature ejaculation.
Among an interesting case is a guy who got married to a divorcee of 2 kids. He had been very worried because he frequently succumb to the aggressive
performance of his wife in bed.
This caused his wife to whine and complained and demanded that he should look for medication to make him last longer in bed.
The husband honestly requested Bioasli to create a sexual enhancement product to help men to have better endurance.
In another case, a wife wrote to the Company in her email asking about a product that could help her husband last longer in bed even with aggressive performance.
The wife related that she is much satisfied with the size and length but the problem is he climaxed too soon, not even 3 minutes.
" I have bought many products for my husband to try but they don't seem to be able to satisfy me...
please assist my husband. Another case, we received an email from a husband in doldrums because he can only last 2 to 3 minutes in bed with his wife.
He had to repeat his performance after a 1 hour interval just to satisfy his wife, even that on many occasions he still fail to satisfy her,
he pleaded with Bioasli to assist him, and there are many other cases of husband's premature ejaculation problems...

To overcome the problem Bioasli conducted a study on several herbs in the Far East region to be formulated to increase the endurance of men during intercourse.
After a long search in and out of the jungle and laboratory, finally BRUTAL POWER 31 lotion was created in 2005.
The unique meaning of 31 is,the wife is able to reach 3 climaxes against 1 for the husband.
Until today thousands of this product has been sold throughout Malaysia and worldwide because of its greatness...


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