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AQURA - Soap to prevent sleepiness n drowsyness

RM10/bar & Free Pos Ekspres for 6 bars above

PROMOTION ~ 5 Bar for RM 45

Dealing method: Post or Self Collect in Putrajaya

Location of seller: Putrajaya

Contact method/details: PM or YM (huzaifah_ashraf) or sms to 017-6553956

Transfer/Bank-in the payment to my Maybank account and sms me your details.

Maybank details : 112447043835 (MUHAMMAD HUZAIFAH ASHRAF BIN ABDUL JAMAL). My email is

Usage :

a) Remove your watch, bracelets and rings.
b) Rub the bar with water until foam appears.
c) Rub the foam on your face and arms, leave it for 2 minutes.
d) Wash your face and arms, and no more sleepiness!

I recommend to buy 5 bars, 1 for home/office and 1 in the car. Use this if you want to stay up, after lunch (very sleepy after lunchtime right?), if you are going to drive long distance etc.

Who should use Aqura??

a) Long-distance drivers (Lorry / express bus drivers etc.)
b) Professional drivers (Taxi, Limousine, school bus etc.)
c) Those who work in shift hours.
d) Those who becomes sleepy or drowsy while working
e) Students who always become sleepy in class or while staying up
f) Security guards

When should you use Aqura?

a) Before driving long distance
b) Before a long lecture or meeting
c) After lunch
d) Before starting your shift
e) Before going to class or school
f) Before staying up for revision


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