the best way to make money

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the best way to make money

Post  hanidew on Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:11 am

There are countless of ways to make money online but only few really generate the income you want that get you closer to your goal of financial freedom. These ways are those legitimate and reliable ways but do not promise over night or instant wealth. This means that by consistent work and set hours in daily basis, one can work his way up and earn increasing monthly income until he reach his goals of financial stability. Do not believe in those people saying that you can earn your financial freedom overnight, they only want your credit card numbers.
If you want to work your own business, then affiliate marketing system is right for you. It's a system where you sell other people's products in exchange of commissions. Usually you have to make your own web page to place all your affiliate products. Direct affiliate links are not accepted by most advertising spaces so you have to make your own website, web page or blog to be your landing pages. You also need to maintain a business looking website with informative contents to increase your reputation. This can be too much work for others especially those who have no technical knowledge. The income opportunity though is unlimited. The reason why I suggest free website making is due to the limited investment that you may have right now. Web hosting can be a little expensive but they perform almost similar with free websites. The catch is free website has longer link characters which is just fine. You can buy your free website when you already have your first sales.
Here's another way to get that unlimited income with lesser work to do and that's through data entry works. Basically you work for someone to promote his website. You can get paid per hour, per action or per commissions. The more hours you put in, the more income you get. Usually, you are given list of things to promote or work for. The disadvantage though, it can get boring because it's basically easy job by very repetitive. Data entry jobs are made for individuals who aim financial freedom without too much work. As a best example, if you promote a website with products selling $40 paying 50% commissions and sell 3 products a day that is $1800 a month and it could increase as you increase hours of working and spreading that website link. Data entry job needs only basic typing skills to prosper; even the advertising means and tools are already provided by the website owner.
I highly recommend you to give data entry positions a try especially from giants like My Data Team, feel free to get more information here


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