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Home based online money

Post  hanidew on Thu Mar 04, 2010 11:18 am

5 Working From Home Tips

Like so many people these days you may have considered to contribute to your family's finances or even replace your income by working from home.
It looks appealing to most of us to be able to set your own hours and earn some extra cash to cover special or unexpected expenses.
Here are a few opportunities to consider.

Virtual Customer-service
Most companies have a customer service department where people can call when they are experiencing problems with a product they have bought.
Customer-service agents used to sit in an office answering the inbound customer calls. But if you have a computer, high-speed Internet access, and a quiet place to work it is possible to take the calls from your home and work as a virtual assistant.
You can work part time for a minimum of 20 hours per week, although some agents work 40 hours to 60 hours. At the going rate of between $8 and $15 per hour that can bring in quite some extra cash!

Sell Your Own Products
People with a sense of design love to create slogans and artwork on T-shirts, mugs, hats, kids' accessories, housewares, posters, stickers, etc.
If your taste is appreciated by others you can offer these for sale on sites like OnlyInMalaysiaMah.com

Virtual Jury
It may sound strange but you can make money while determining verdicts as an online juror. Or at least by helping lawyers do some preliminary research on their cases.

Transcribe Audio
Often speeches, lectures, television and radio programs and interviews must be transcribed to text so they can be distributed as documents.
Some businesses may require you to take a transcription test before you are accepted for this kind of job. They need to make sure you English language and grammar skills are of a high level. Your typing speed is not that important as long as you make the deadlines because the fee is usually based on the number of pages you type.

Tech Support
If you are experienced in information technology and you enjoy problem-solving and quality customer service, you may be able to work from home providing tech support via the internet and phone.

Beware Of Scams
When looking at job offers you need to be careful because there are some ads that are not legit. Do not trust 'companies' that ask for money up front. When they let you contact them by phone you can make a better judgement as well.


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