Superior orbital fissure

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Superior orbital fissure

Post  tranthuongbn on Sun Dec 26, 2010 1:18 am

The nerves passing through the fissure can be remembered with the mnemonic, "Live Frankly To See Absolutely No Insult" - for Lacrimal, Frontal, Trochlear, Superior Division of Oculomotor, Abducens, Nasociliary and Inferior Division of Oculomotor nerve. [2]
It is divided into 3 parts from lateral to medial: Lateral Part transmits: lacrimal nerve, frontal nerve, trochlear nerve, meningeal branch of lacrimal artery, anastomotic branch of middle meningeal artery which anastomoses with recurrent branch of the lacrimal artery Middle Part transmits: Upper and lower divisions of the oculomotor nerve, nasociliary nerve between the two divisions of oculomotor nerve and abducent nerve Medial Part transmits: Superior ophthalmic vein and sympathetic nerves from the plexus around internal carotid artery

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