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Post  debbin01 on Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:50 pm

Poovar is an unexplored destination engulfed by the unruffled backwaters opening out into the azure expanse of the Arabian Sea. Located at the southern tip of the state capital Thiruvananthapuram, this island paradise is an ideal venue to experience the pulse of bucolic coastal Kerala in all its pristine glory.

Poovar is famous for its gorgeous beach, lush exotic greenery, coconut groves, banana plantations and emerald backwaters. The beauty of this island is further accentuated by a labyrinthine network of lakes, canals, deltas, lagoons, estuaries and rivers crisscrossing its terrain. During the high tide the island is linked to the sea by means of an estuary.

Poovar Island is counted amongst the most beautiful natural delights in the whole of peninsular India. The picturesque landscape of Poovar had once captured the heart of the erstwhile king of Travancore - Marthanda Varma. Legend has it that the place was named “poo-aar”, meaning a stream of flowers, by the king himself. The island is an ideal spot for those who love tranquility and solitude away from the buzz and clamor of towns. Relax and unwind in the unmatched peace and silence of this secluded paradise.

The village near Poovar is largely inhabited by fisher-folk. The fishermen here make a living by fishing in the old-traditional ways that’s why poovar is also know as the fishing village. They live a unique water-based lifestyle completely relying on the river and sea for everything from their daily livelihood to transportation. The village is ideal to experience the real-taste of a typical Kerala coastal village and their unique ways of living


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