How to Find Real Jobs on the Internet

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How to Find Real Jobs on the Internet

Post  hanidew on Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:03 am

Finding a real job on the internet isn't as difficult as it might first seem. In fact, the opportunities for surfing the World Wide Web and finding work is becoming more and more popular---especially in this economic downturn. Here's why. The traditional places that companies placed job listings---local newspapers---are losing money because the new generation simply doesn't pick up a newspaper to find out the latest facts about anything. They go online. And that's where most people go to find jobs and where employers go to find employees. Smart employers, particularly those in high-tech businesses, know where to find skilled workers---they find them online. Job listings are popping up all over the web. In fact, job listings are getting so prevalent, sites are focusing on one type of job. For example, there are many sites geared to listing jobs for website designers and other sites dedicated to freelance writers. Still others look for graphic designers. One site has job listings for computer software testers. If you can think of it, chances are you'll be able to find a job listing site about it. In addition to job-specific sites, there are sites that list, under various headings, nearly every job under the sun. While some of these jobs do require employees to work from an office, many allow workers to do the job from home, particularly freelance type positions. In addition, many companies are hiring people to work from their home who traditionally worked in call centers. Though some legitimate sites do require you to pay a fee to conduct a job search (they promise to screen the jobs to make certain they are legitimate), most are free. In fact, some charge a fee then direct you to job listings that you could have found on your own for free. When you start looking for a job online, you're likely to come across some sites that you may immediately be suspect of. Everyone has seen the Make Cash Filling Out Survey sites and no doubt thought it was a scam. It's one of those things that does sound too good to be true, and in some ways it is. You can actually get a real job filling out surveys, but chances are the money you earn will supplement your income, and is probably not something you can retire on. Other opportunities involve mulit-level marketing schemes, which require a small investment to sell a product. The real money comes when you recruit others to sell the product via your website. If you do consider this opportunity, make certain that the focus of this job is to sell the company's product, not to simply recruit more people. That's where the line between MLM, a legitimate business, and a pyramid scheme, which is illegal, becomes blurred. Finding a real job online has never been easier. If you can Google it, you can find a real job listing for it. The real beauty is that many of these jobs are home-based opportunities that will not require you to relocate.


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